Staunton Senior Center: Easter Activities Extend Into April at SSC

On Thursday, April 5, SSC members were surprised by a low-key Easter Egg Hunt. A staff member and volunteer had strategically placed plastic eggs in various areas of the Center, and inside of them members discovered sweet, encouraging messages instead of candy! Seniors wandered the area as they were going about their Center activities and found almost all of the eggs.

SSC will extend the holiday by giving to others when they visit Rittenour Adult Home later this month to hold a sing-a-long. At that time they will distribute mini candy bags to the residents, just to let them know they are thought of. Another surprise Post-Easter Egg Hunt will be held at the Center for Grace Christian Elementary School second graders on April 20. After helping the students create origami puppies, the seniors will stand by (in delight of course) as the children scurry about the Center locating eggs!

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