Staunton Senior Center: Boost Your Mental Health at SSC

Rebecca Harmon, Assistant Professor from the University of Virginia School of Nursing, brought to the Staunton Sr. Center some recent research findings concerning mental health based on research out of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. We tend to focus on negative thoughts and conversation, and research suggests we should outweigh negative thoughts with positive thoughts at least three to one. Thinking more positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts can help blood pressure and sleep problems as well as aid with pain relief.

Researchers suggest what are called appreciative techniques which ask positive questions to get positive responses. Examples would be “What’s the good news?” or “Tell me something good that is going on with you right now.” Instead of focusing on the problem, one concentrates on what is going on that is right surrounding the problem. Positive thinking releases endorphins that enable us to feel better! We can all use these findings and techniques to focus on the positive aspects of our lives and enhance the lives of our co-workers, clients, neighbors, family, and friends.

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